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The Florida Department of Health in Bay County continues to have a successful School Health Program and provides services in 40 schools including charter and special needs schools. Through a collaborative effort, Bay District was awarded the SILVER Level Award from the Florida Coordinated School Health Partnership (CSHP) and Florida Action for Healthy Kids IN 2018.

The purpose of the School Health Program is to provide nursing services to appraise, protect and promote the health status of the 24,268 students in Bay District Schools. School health services supplement, rather than replace, parent responsibility. This program is designed to encourage parental awareness of a child's health status; discover and prevent health problems; and encourage the use of physicians, dentists and the services of community health agencies.

A School Health Nurse provides required screenings for vision, hearing, height, weight and Scoliosis to the appropriate grades as well as immunization follow-up. School Health Nurses serve as a resource to school personnel and present a variety of health information on a wide variety of topics including Nutrition, Disease Prevention, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Teen Pregnancy, Puberty, Dental Hygiene, Sun and Bicycle safety and other age relevant topics.  

For more information about the School Health Program call (850) 872-4455, press 3, then press 5.



Sharing medical information with your child’s school is vital to their health and safety in the school setting. If your child requires care or special dietary needs at school, it is best to get a physician’s order and contact your school’s guidance counselor and school nurse as soon as possible. Some conditions require specific training for tasks that the child is unable to complete for themselves. In most schools the principal will assign a UAP (unlicensed assistive personnel) to be trained for this care. The nurse assigned to the school must have specific directions from the doctor to complete this training. Some tasks require that the UAP be monitored for a period of time until they can independently perform the task. This care may require training for cafeteria staff, transportation staff and special area staff to ensure safe care in the school setting.  Most information can be entered in the medical portion of the parent portal. It is always best to arrange a meeting with school staff for students that have complicated medical conditions. Having a face-to-face talk will ensure that the information is completely communicated. You can discuss the details of the condition and explain the educational considerations such as numerous doctor appointments or more than average sick days.  For most students with a chronic health condition an Individual Health Care plan and Emergency Action Plan will be implemented.

Conditions of special concern are:


Severe Allergies that require EPI Pen



Heart Conditions